Grilling Out Without the Meat

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER - It is that time of year for outdoor barbecues. Brock and I love to enjoy our backyard patio and grill out on the weekends. But when you [...]

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By: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer - I was in the grocery store this past weekend and the cashier looked at me and said, "This is the healthiest grocery cart that I have ever seen." [...]

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Gardening with Purpose

By: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer – Ok so I will admit that as much as I LOVE veggies…I have never had a vegetable garden. I am not actually sure why. Maybe time, space, [...]

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The Standard American Diet Should NOT Be the Norm

By: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer - I love being empowered by plant-based nutrition books. I encourage you to read as much as you can about plant-based nutrition. It will truly change the way [...]

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Shaping up those Muscles

BY: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer - Thank you Vios nation for sharing your stories on the extraordinary benefits of our products. It is so great to hear the weight loss stories, fabulous blood [...]

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The Power of Plant-Based Protein

BY: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer - Many questions come in to Víos and we are always happy to answer. Knowledge is power. We were recently asked a question about how the protein in [...]

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