Treating Muscle Soreness with Plant-Based Nutrition

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER One of the many benefits I have found with a plant-based diet is the affect it has on my daily workouts. I love to exercise and sometimes it [...]

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Chemical Versus Mineral Sunscreens

BY: Lanae Agee, RN, Chief Wellness Officer - As with anything I put IN MY BODY, I do the same for what I put ON MY BODY – and that means no chemicals. Let’s face [...]

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Greens OVER Genes

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER - Did you know that eating your greens is so important that it can actually influence your genes? “I was born this way,” is not an excuse. Until [...]

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Keep Those Mosquitoes And Other Pesky Insects Away Naturally

BY: LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER - Because of a mild winter and wet spring here in the southeast, the mosquitos and ticks seem to be more of a nuisance this year. So what [...]

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Alkalize Your Body for Better Health

By: Dr. Gordon Tessler Ph.D - We have all heard about people who have acid reflux and how painful the condition can be. But most of us have no idea how unhealthy an acid condition [...]

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BY LANAE AGEE, RN, CHIEF WELLNESS OFFICER - There many reasons, studies and proof that drinking pure water is not only healthy for you, it is imperative for overall good health and well-being. Out of [...]

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